TPWD Receives White-nose Syndrome Grant Funding

Today Texas Parks and Wildlife received a federal grant for $21,618 to continue our research on bats and white-nose syndrome (WNS). U.S. Fish and Wildlife split nearly a million dollars across 35 states for similar research.

WNS has not been found in Texas, but it is knocking at our door. Since its discovery in New York state in 2006, it has moved toward Texas at an average speed of 200 miles a year. During it’s spread across the eastern states, an estimated 6 million bats have succumbed to the disease. TPWD will be focusing our efforts on early detection of WNS in susceptible areas.

White-nose syndrome is a serious issue and it is heartening to see such a large scale effort to combat it. Time to get to work!

See for more info on WNS.

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